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MOS has always been able to provide its clients in an efficient and timely manner with the products they require. Should a product be unavailable; our longstanding relationships with the key manufacturers across the globe allow us to source a viable alternative. 


From the mid-1950s, MOS has supplied businesses across the country with traditional stationery. We continue this, in a stronger position than ever to access all 20,000 or so products any business requires for day to day operations. 


Facilities Management

Whether it is cleaning products, catering supplies, work gloves, protective equipment, wall signage; MOS can source and supply any items for the overall care of the physical space and workers. 



Whilst the world is trying to be a paperless society, and we support all efforts at sustainability; we do stock a number of different colours, weights, and finishes of paper. From plain white 80gsm copier paper, to 200gsm coloured card - MOS will have it. 


Internal Audit

If you would like an experienced representative of MOS to do a free audit of your product usage and requirements, as well as existing pricing - please do get in touch. We have saved existing clients thousands with viable alternative products, and saved new clients thousands by identifying areas in which they were overpaying. 

Office with a View

The experience at MOS totals over 150 industry years - if you have a request, please touch base with us. 

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