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ABL Armagh

A job that allowed us to get creative for a superb client. After a briefing via phone, we visited the space to get a feel for the office and a better idea of layout. We discussed initial ideas and ways the space could be best utilised. This followed by a visit to our showroom to see finishes and final products were agreed upon. 

We decided that due to the natural brightness of the space, a darker steel frame for the furniture would look appropriate. That, combined with a grey wood-grain melamine, gave a superb corporate look to the office. To complement the furniture, blue melange fabric that matched the corporate colour gave the whole space a welcoming atmosphere. An open office will always have some noise, so soft seating with high backs gives some privacy and noice cancellation. Pet felt screens hanging from the ceiling (made from recycled bottles) reinforce these.

The kitchen required stylish yet practical furniture and colour-appropriate, ployprop chairs were perfect as dining chairs. Wipeable vinyl lounge chairs then set the kitchen off, offering a more relaxing option.

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