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Educational Centre, Belfast

A renowned Education Institution in Belfast required loose furniture for a new and special wing of a department. The primary concern was functionality - on this basis the furniture had to be sturdy, simple and long-lasting. The steel frame for desks and moulded plastic chairs with mesh back ensured these requirements were met. However this did not mean it couldn't be aesthetically pleasing as well. Bright, vibrant screen colours were chosen to divide rooms and desks and make them Covid-safe. Bespoke plectrum-shaped flip-top tables supplied allowed for flexibility of meeting rooms and to accompany those, moulded plastic coloured chairs ensured a vibrancy to many of the rooms. 

Soft seating that was both stylish and robust was provided for the staff and student break areas. These were provided with the same finish as the screens to ensure consitency of the theme of the interior throughout. 

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