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ASM Belfast - Glendinning House

MOS was delighted to be responsible for the new ofices for leading accountancy firm, ASM Belfast. The challenge was to provide something that was befitting of the beautiful Glendinning House in Belfast City Centre whilst keeping the furniture fresh and practical. As a major employer, it was important also to utilise the space to create as many workstations as possible. 

The existing doors and metal in the building were a walnut colour with black. On this basis and with guidance from the client, we copied this with dark walnut desktops and black 'goalpost' leg. The use of bench desks for the majority of staff ensured the most efficient use of the space available. There were clumps of radial desks to allow certain employees more room. Black fabric screens between each gave the whole office a corproate and executive feel that was befitting of the standing of a company like ASM. 

To add some colour and promote interaction at break times, white benches were installed in the kitchen with coloured seat pads. This gave a smart yet laid back feel to the kitchen and kept the atmosphere light and inviting. 


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